The Falsified Medicines Directive lays down the rules for the manufacture, import, marketing and supply of medicinal products. It also makes sure the internal market for medicinal products works as it should while ensuring the protection of public health in the EU.

For additional help and information on this registration process and requirements please visit our 'Falsified Medicines Directive: Registration of manufacturers, importers and distributors of active substances' page on the http://www.mhra.gov.uk site

  • I cannot progress my Logo application and I cannot make payment, what shall I do?

    1. Click on the 2nd tab of your application form: Site of Economic Activity.

    LogO RENEW_1

    2. then click on the Edit button in section 2.3 Domain Information


    3. As you can see from the screenshot below, our system may have automatically populated the site as an eBay site and required the shop name. This prevents you from submitting your application.


    4. When re-selecting the site as “other” from the buttons, (if it is not an Amazon or eBay site), it now populates the Domain Registrant details that need to be filled in, before the form can proceed further.


    5. Please fill in the Domain Registrant details if you have clicked on the “Other” button (if it is not an Amazon or eBay site) and then click on the Save Website button.

    6. If your site is an eBay site, please click the eBay button.

        Please ensure you fill in the eBay shop name and then click the Save Website button


    7. If your site is an Amazon site, please ensure you click on the Amazon button

    Please fill in the Business Address details and then click on the Save Website button.


    You will then be able to proceed to the next stage to submit your form and make payment

  • How can I download the logo onto my online platforms?

    1. Log in to the PcL Portal (https://pclportal.mhra.gov.uk/)
    2. Click the Logo button next to your company
      Select Logo
    3. Click 'Download Logo' next to your logo application
      Download logo
    4. Choose whether whether your want Javascript or HTML and what size of the logo you would like (Small / Medium / Large)
      get code
    5. Once you select the size a button will appear for you to 'copy code to clipboard'
      copy to clipboard
    6. The final set is to embed this code into your website / ebay listing