WDA(H) - Overview of the Application Form

1.  Administrative Data


1.1 About You

This section will auto complete the details of the person currently logged in and completing the application form.
There is one question to answer to confirm if you are applying on behalf of the proposed registration holder

1.2 Applicant Details

The free text field ‘Comment’s should be used for providing details of the changes being made in a variation.
You should identify who is the company contact person alongside whether the company will be trading under a different name than the official registered company name.

1.3 Contact Details for Communication

Select the company contact address for communications regarding the WDA(H) licence

1.4 Invoicing Address Details

Select the company invoicing address

1.5 Financial Information used to calculate your fee

You may provide a Purchase Order number which we will include on any invoice issued for this submission
There are some yes/no questions to answer to help the MHRA determine the fee that should be payable for your application.

To check the current MHRA fees please visit https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/mhra-fees/current-mhra-fees

2.  Site and Personnel


2.1 Site Details